Hvaldi Blackfeather

Hvaldi Blackfeather is the chief character in the Echoes of the North


Hvaldi Blackfeather is quite large for a Dwarf. He is strongly built with muscle gained from hard toil and training. He is dark of feature with long brown, almost black hair and dark eyes. He tends to wear a helmet or a hood as he is unused to the full glare of the Sun. That being said, he has grown rather tanned due to his recent extensive travels on the surface.

His armor is rather heavy and his large, hexagonal shield has seen much use as evinced by the many carefully tended nicks, dings, knocks and all manner of blemishes. He wields a large one-handed hammer with an ornate wooden haft that seems to shine dully. His armor bears many artistic flourishes depicting Ravens and dark feathers. His crest is three black feathers upon a field of white.


Hvaldi is tired. Tired of constantly being berated by his fellow Dwarfs of the Lonely Mountain. Tired of constantly enduring the scorn attached to the name “Blackfeather.” And exceedingly tired of having to work a never-ending stream of menial tasks and jobs while his skills as a warrior and a smith go to waste.

After one final argument with his father in which Hvaldi was disowned and barred from keeping in touch with his family Hvaldi left. He has decided to set out and see the world, hopefully earn some coin and most certainly escape the cloud that shrouds the name Blackfeather. His sister, married outside of the Blackfeathers, is his only contact and through her he still gets word to and from his Mother.

After taking up with Baern and friends, Hvaldi has been regularly engaged in trying to further the aims of pacifying and retaking the North, Baern’s ancestral homeland and potential kingdom. He adventures with his friends while keeping a journal and sending the occasional letter back to his Sister in the Lonely Mountain.

Since his last adventures, Hvaldi has turned from adventuring and has become quite the homebody. He is married to Dumora, formerly of the Ravenheart clan from the Iron Hills. With her he has had a son, Khat and two daughters, Geerta and Charlotte. He is surrounded by family and friends and the settlement at Ravenhill is growing nicely. Dumora has even found time to play some of her works in Erebor and happily drives him mad when she is working on a new piece. She will not share it with him until it is finished but she will try it out with the Ravens in the great tower, much to their delight. Hvaldi has found happiness but it has been 15 years now and the storm-clouds of current events seem to gather.

He does not want to leave but it seems that the world is swirling towards some kind of climax and he knows that if his friends call, he will take up his hammer and shield once again.

Hvaldi Blackfeather

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