Woodland Hall archer, wife to Regelram


Beranhild of Woodland Hall is rumoured having elvish blood in her veins, she is seemingly ageless and the closest in skill to Regelram. It is no wonder why they married.


Born 28 years ago in the year 2918 to a woodman mother and an elvish father. Being taught the grace of the woodland folk she preferred the wild, to the company of men. Growing up on the legends of Regelram “Reg”, she took up archery with vigor to impress the living legend who happened to fall in love and marry. The Elves already aware of Reg and his care for the woods, tended to stay aloof and let Reg be.

Upon the Reg and Beranhild marrying the Elves accepted him within their ranks, with the blessings of Beranhild’s father. Reg having a deep understanding for Mirkwood and a close commune with not only the trees but the animals themselves, the Elves taught Reg how to speak with them, he in-turn taught the Elves about some of the more secret ways of Mirkwood. It has been told that Reg can communicate with most of the animals that are native to Mirkwood, he has a strong connection to the smaller creatures: squirrels, rabbits, moles, possums, etc.

There is one tell though that the Elves have been known to speak over how Reg once in great distress, when foul creatures invaded Mirkwood and over ran the Elven homes, Reg’s cry was answered by the trees and animals coming to his rescue. This feat has only been achieved by a handful of people in all of Middle Earth’s history. But even though these tales have been told from time-to-time no one can verify if it is true. Even Reg has never told or confirmed this tell, he holds secrets that some of his closet loved ones can not even pry from him (likely connected to the Olvari and Kelvari dwelling in the southern portions of the Taur Morvith).

Note: Beranhild and Reg were married in 2940. Beranhild disappeared with no trace in 2944. Reg has vowed to find Beranhild, his long lost love and soulmate. May the gods have mercy of whoever has taken her.

Excerpts taken and dictated by Bran Brewmaster, Reg’s oldest and closest friend.

A note found written by Bran “I have not seen Reg in over a year. I hope that he is well. I have heard rumors, that he has found a new friend. She calls herself Charlotte. Reg maybe a loaner and keep to himself, but he has always had a friend who could support him when the tough gets going. He may act as if his skin is made of iron, but he does have a good heart and enjoys having a few people he can talk with. He almost went out of his mind once when he ignored humanity for a period of time. I guess it is true that even the toughest need a little human contact. If the rumors are true of him and Charlotte, which I would have to believe they are. My hope is they get along well. Otherwise if history proves itself, he’ll be looking for a new friend.”


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