Echoes of the North

The Letters and Journals of Hvaldi: 2

Another letter to Geerta

Dear Geerta,

Please forgive the brevity of this letter. I’m hoping the fact that I am hand delivering it will help assuage any loss from such a short missive. Also, I hope you enjoy the landscape drawing of Rhostobel. It is a beautiful area and I know you’ve always enjoyed landscapes.

Prince Baern sent Reg, Charlotte, Joller and myself to escort an emissary of his Mother to Laketown. I could not pass up the opportunity to visit you and Mother even if it was only for a few short hours. We set out early in the morning a few days past. As with all of these journeys it seems we were in a great hurry. We set a punishing pace to make our first campsite by early evening. Reg and Charlotte quickly found evidence of patrolling goblins though so sleep was light and furtive that night. Early in the morning Reg saw a skulking goblin and woke us.

We quickly packed up and made our way further north, trying to avoid contact with any of these foul creatures. I thought we had avoided them by taking a few detours. Later that day we even ventured into the Murkwood via the Elf road. I am not ashamed to admit this terrified me. The darkness of that ancient wood is not the comforting, solid silence of stone and cavern. We had to bed down that night in that crypt-like forest. I refused to leave the road as I’ve heard far too many stories of travelers going missing among those trees. Even with all of our precautions and deviations though, the Goblins managed to find us that night. Charlotte called out a warning as she dashed off into the trees to give battle to the onrushing Goblin ambush.

As Baern had charged us with defending the Handmaiden, I rushed to put on my armor and then stood guard over the young lass. I did my best to call out enemy positions and give aid where I could but I felt hamstrung. I was unable to leave the young one’s side and give battle to the foul Goblins. I did manage to best one of them by throwing my hammer though. We drove off most of the Goblins and a foul hill-man who was leading them and immediately set off again on our journey hoping to avoid any more altercations with these creatures.

My journey was mostly a view of the road, my running feet and a general feeling of exhaustion but we made it to the estate south of Laketown without any more incidents. The Lord of the Manor was kind enough to quickly take us in and see to our needs. His young daughter and Baern’s intended expertly managed the household to take in our tired and ragged party and even seemed to win over the normally dour Charlotte with the offer of hot baths and warm food.

It is from this island of rest and recuperation that I set out on my journey this morning to visit you and Mother. I wish I could say that I am filled with nothing save for happy excitement but I bristle with dread at the thought of returning to the halls where my name brands me the scoundrel. It has been refreshing to be treated as an equal and even as a person of worth while up here on the surface. I still miss all of my family though so it is with a smile that I set off to see you.


matthewpomeroy74 Drakolus

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