Echoes of the North

The Greenhand gem

A sordid affair of Ferdinand's missing heirloom

It was a rough outing to be sure. Hvaldi and his companions, those that are left of his old travelers set out to recover a gemstone of some value to at least Ferdinand Greenhand, and by extension Joller. It was one of those things that just had to be done. So Hvaldi stoically kissed his dear wife and gathered hammer and shield then set off to assist.

As said earlier, it was a sordid affair, full of miscues and malfeasance yet Hvaldi was able to acquire the information necessary to find the gem. With the vile Annelzen in tow they managed to get to the treacherous lords hunting lodge, recover the gem and return home. Afterward there was a bit of acrimony, but the company went their ways on somewhat good terms. Ferdinand was sent home with his gem and a spring in his step. Reg’s son went back to Dale to be with family. Regileraen went back to the woodland realm. Annelzen was warned to not show her face east of Mirkwood again.


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