Echoes of the North

Eastward wanderings.

Recollections from Charlothain

We went eastwards towards the great lake to find our Prince’s intended. His mother had harsh words with his father on agreeing to this girl sight unseen. Her father was wealthy and had contributed greatly to our king’s cause. I would not say it is all for altruistic reasons. None of that matters to me truly. I was ready for the journey as Rhosgobel makes me uncomfortable. Reg is not so unhappy here as he spends most time in the wild. Hvaldi spends his time reading and preparing who knows what. Joller, I still like him, his cooking gets better by the day and I may some time soon gain an unpleasant gut from his masterpieces. I practice and spar with my prince to keep the fat off. I was not surprised when Prince Baern called us to ask this quest of us. I was ready to go. I knew my welcome here was being worn, though my companions treat me well and I have grown honestly fond of them. I was less thrilled by the queen’s handmaiden being sent with us. The girl was a mooncalf at best and a burden at worst. We left in the morning with just the 5 of us and took it at a brisk pace. I was surprised how uncanny that Hvaldi’s pathmastery was, we cut hours and almost days from the trip northward, we had intended to go through the northward through the Grey Mountain passes. Finding the path of goblins changed that from us.
I do not recall what night it was that we met them, but the fight was short and sharp. I had not the temperence to deal with them when they ambushed us at the crossing. Hvaldi did what he does best, and armoured up and defended our “burden” as we were charged. I decided to resolve the contest swiftly, so I charged. I saw Joller off to the side one moment and he was gone the next. I could trust he was in the fight, and as always, Reg was all in himself. I hit them at a dead run, hurling my spear and pinning one of the little beasts to a tree. I was satisfied that it was dead, but when I rounded the corner I saw how many of his companions were spilling into the area, I had little time to think as I dodged a poorly aimed spear thrust and beheaded the next goblin with a swing of my buckler. IT was a dark night and I had a hard time seeing but trusty Hvaldi called out the enemy and they were unable to hide from his gaze. I heard rather than saw the carnage wrought by Reg’s well aimed shots. There are times I swear that man is more elf than human. I pressed them harder and soon found myself in trouble, I wasnt thinking straight and it cost me as a goblin thrust his primitive spear into my gut. Fortunately my armour held and all I received was a nasty bruise and a moments nausea. I turned too slow to handle the threat but saw it jerk violently from a blow to the back, I still hadnt seen Joller but I knew his work. I turned back to catch a goblins arm swinging a small filthy blade at me, I ran my blade against its throat ending its wretched life. By this time I was spun around and confused, I really wanted to puke, but the fight was still going. From deeper in the woods I heard more goblins cry out and heard more arrows impact deeper in, and as always, faithful Hvaldi bellowed out his challenge. I think his challenge was answered, but that is merely because I knew the sickening sound of his hammer hitting a skull. As I pressed the attack I was again distracted and payed for it with a goblin arrow to my shoulder. It hurt like hell, but again it failed to pierce my armour. Not for the first time was I grateful for my armour. I turned to face the archer and found myself looking down the wrong end of a goblin arrow, I was sure I was going to get hit again, until Reg nearly beheaded the goblin with a shot of his own,. It had started to get quiet as the enemy was being routed. From the dark came a large barbarian, I felt it necessary to resolve him. HE was fool enough to challenge me, but was caught off guard by Jollers knife, that was when I pounced. Cutting him down swiftly, I looked around to see the fight over. I was expecting to hear something about “that stupid bitch” for my uninspired charge, fortunately I was met with nothing but concern, Hvaldi had seen me take hits and was concerned. I realized then that I was sweating like a big and breathing in deep gulps of air. Reg helped out my bruises and gave me a few good natured barbs, and to be honest I had it coming.
The rest of the journey was paranoid, yet uneventful, for that we were grateful but we passed through the eves of mirkwood with care. The old elf road made none of us comfortable. We arrived at the farmstead we were sent to with little effort and I saw a peasant out in the field, it was old habit that I found myself being just the very bitch I had been trying so hard not to be. to his credit, the man put me in my place while sparing me further humiliation. Hvaldi took over and I just faded out of the conversation. When I saw the woman who could be my future queen, I was staggered. She was graceful and beautiful. I couldnt help but feel jealous. I choked it down and was prepared to bite my tongue but she was so sweet and unwilling to be offended or flustered. She won me over with a promise of a hot bath and feathered bed. Though jealous I could do not but approve of this young lady, and lady she was. Her father was a great host and she managed such affairs well. It will be hard for her to be with my prince, on the run and hunted. But there was a strength in her. Hvaldi seemed to approve as well and that was enough for me. We will return to the queen and tell her what we saw. Let come what may.


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