Echoes of the North

My path to redemption

A journal of Hanaf Firebeard

A raven arrives.

Well there we were again in the tavern, I quite like this place. The nights are not so cold here. All that came crashing down with the arrival of a raven of ill mannered look. Not quite the noble birds that we use to spread the word, more so creature of cruel cunning. But it did bring notice to Hvaldi of something that made him near quick with anticipation. Abruptly he told us we were to be off. It seems an old friend was in deep trouble. I owed him my life so I eagerly readied my axe and set at a pace.

Hvaldi seemed in deep thought as we moved at what would be punishing had we not the stout hearts of Durin’s folk.


matthewpomeroy74 matthewpomeroy74

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