Echoes of the North

Into southern lands unknown

A tale of the last days of spring

Albirut Bahrun (2947T.A.)

The dwarf had led a motley company southward for many days. The dwarf had a plan, and southwards it was. He had gathered his closest companions. Cora was a hobbit lass of boundless optimism. For her, this was a summer holiday, albeit a long one. The other was Howard Hopps. He was of sterner stuff, a man of Bree, he considered himself of high dignity. The dwarf let him have his airs. The trip south saw them pick up yet another companion, a northman of the rohirrim. The lad was a man full grown but the dwarf saw him as more youthful. He was a great horseman and bold, such would be welcome on the long journey south. The company had every hope to lose themselves from the cares and worries of the northern world and find a new beginning in the great cities and realms of the south.

Bozaisha Dar

They arrived in the great southron city of Bozaisha Dar at the turning of May. It was already hot but a cool wind blew in from the sea. The city delighted Cora to no end. The noise, sights, and smells of such a place had her spirit soaring as Howard and the dwarf wandered the great souks and bazaars. The notion struck him as they walked, there was no beer? What did these poor folks drink? As he and Howard sat in a dimly lit tea house the idea came to them. They would make the finest brew in the south! Howard came to the conclusion that the idea had merit, but this city was not quite right. There was a feeling of malice about the place and he had no desire to be in a city where the corsairs would call to port. They talked to local merchants and traders and heard that far to the east, near the great bay of Ormal sat the cities of the Sirayn. In between them on the camel road sat Tul Poac! That was where they should be. The dwarf allowed his more youthful companions to taste the life of the greatest city in the Suza Sumar and in the morning they would depart toward the Mirror of Fire, the great city of Tul Poac, and their destiny…………..


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