The Morrival of Sad Morangol

The evil spirit that haunts Regelram's family


The Morrival of Sad Morangol in Taur Morvith has haunted Regelram and his family for generations. It can assume the form of a great bat, and ancient hag, or a lovely woman.


The spirit resides in the old fortress of Sad Morangol and is not in league as of yet with the great enemy. It keeps watch over its own domain but could be brought to serve the power in Dol Guldur. Each 4 year anniversary the spirit’s domain of Sad Morangol becomes vulnerable and open, it knows that Regelram is preparing to boldly enter its lair and try to recover the lost Beranhild. …see the Tale of Regelram and Beranhild in the forum for more detail.

The Morrival of Sad Morangol

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