Morgluk, warchief in the Grey Mountains

Grey Mountains orc Warchief


Cruel and sadistic as usual for an orc, Morgluk haunts the westernmost regions of the Grey Mountains, he is nominally independent of Gundabad. He is a tall hunter, but thin and gangly. He fears that some great Uruk will come and overthrow him. Morgluk was slain in battle with Hvaldi Blackfeather in the great pine barrens of the north.


Morgluk was involved in the Battle of Five Armies and survived by fleeing early in the fight and taking his lads with him. This is a treason that will never be forgiven, but Morgluk bets that noone who knew survived to tell the tale. He is very conscientious of his reputation and has strangled many a lesser who dares imply his cowardice.

Morgluk, warchief in the Grey Mountains

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