Geerta Silverlake

Hvaldi's Sister and Inn Mistress


Geerta is a stern Dwarf Woman. She stands roughly 4 1/2 feet tall with long reddish blonde hair. The permanent scowl on her face tends to make most take little notice that she is quite attractive. She tends to wear layered clothing, almost always with furs of some sort. She is an excellent cook and brewer and is rarely seen without a long, sturdy spoon in her hand.


Geerta runs the Silverlake Inn deep inside the Lonely Mountain with her husband Tomik Silverlake. She is Hvaldi’s sister (Maiden name Blackfeather) and his only way to keep in touch with his family. Geerta visits with their mother regularly and shares Hvaldi’s letters with her when Father is not around. Geerta is a protective and gentle soul at heart and quietly reads the letters to their mother as she cannot read and her eyesight is fading.

While she mostly wears a scowl, Geerta positively beams when her little brother comes to visit. She has always been very protective of Hvaldi and she constantly fusses over him, trying to make sure he gets enough to eat and is not getting into too much trouble. Hvaldi loves his sister dearly so he tends to take this treatment with a smile and a sigh.

The patrons of the Silverlake Inn know that while Geerta would do anything for her family, she is not a “soft” Woman by a long shot. Many have felt the wrath of her cooking implements and the side of her tongue when they started to get out of line.

Geerta Silverlake

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