Ferdinand Joffery Greenhand

A Hobbit from the Shire, Jollar Greenhand's son


Ferdinand is the son of Joller and adventured in the years after the restoration of Erebor.


Though his childhood has been normal…mostly, Ferdinand’s father, Jollar, always told the best stories. It wasn’t until the Inn was attacked and Jollar’s priced spoon, and particularly the green jewel that was embedded in the spoon, was stolen that Ferdinand relized that his father wasn’t just making up tall tales.

Jollar, before he became too old, taught his son all that he knew: how to fight and how to make a good meal.

Jollar, due to his age, was forced to stay in the shire when the Inn was robbed. He sent Ferdinand out to meet some of his friends and to get the jewel back. Armed with Jollar’s old armour, his sword (Letter-Opener, the name of the sword) and a journal full of Jollar’s old notes on life outside the Shire and he set off.

Ferdinand Joffery Greenhand

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