Cora Fairbarn

Hobbit of the Shire


Harfoot Hobbit
Lvl 2 Burglar

xp: 24,600

3’3" 51 lbs
Auburn hair and brown eyes

Westron 5
Haradaic 3

32 hit points
Wears soft leather
carries 1 handed daggers (enchanted daggers)
Moving manuevers:
no armor +55
Light leather +50
Rigid leather +25

Strength -20
Agility +40
Constitution +5
Intelligence +0
Intuition +5
Presence +0

Weapon skills:
1hand edge +25 Ob
thrown +50 Ob
missile +50 Ob

DB 40
Essence RR +50
Channeling RR +25
poison RR +35
Disease RR +20

General skills:
climb +72
ride +7
swim +47
track +2

Subterfuge skills:
ambush +5
stalk/hide +36
pick lock +36
disarm trap +41

perception +31


Cora is a Harfoot, born in Shire near Brockinboring. She was always a handful for her parents. She never abided by the typical nice polite Hobbit. The shire folk labeled her a trouble maker. Her temper was short, no pun intended. It never took much to set her off. Throughout her school years she got into plenty of fights. The kids finally stopped teasing her when she began carrying around a dagger and she has always preferred it to any other weapon. She had no issues with wandering into Bindbole woods, removing the blight of dangerous animals that plagued the townsfolk.

As she grew she learned to cook and make armor and was renowned for her craftsmanship. The locals never had much use for it, but some would travel from Bree to see her wears. The locals loved her cooking and would come over quiet often and partake of a good meal.

In time Cora needed to get out and see the world. She got her wish when a Human named Jessicah came looking for a talented Burglar, she didn’t have much experience in stealing stuff but she had a knack for disappearing and scaring the crap out of people when she snuck up on them. Jessicah was a party girl and needed a young lass to travel with her. The two got into plenty of trouble especially in the Prancing Pony, in Bree. Barnabas Butterbur the bar tender has kicked the both of them out a few times. But they pay their tab and anything broken, so he’s always let them back.

Cora Fairbarn

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