Charlothain "Charlotte" Fisherbrook

A Dunedain of the North


5’8" 130 lbs grey eyes and dirty blonde hair (from her mothers side) usually her hair is dyed black. wearing a great cloak and trousers of various blacks and greys. Heavy boots, and a war spear. Lately taken to wearing a mail shirt made for her by Hvaldi Blackfeather.


Her past is a lie, she claims to have been born 74 years ago in Carn Dum, as a servant of Angmar, her lineage is that of Rhudaur and the house of Herubar Gular. She slew the last of the house of Calemhtar at the behest of her master. She took the ring of Calemhtar as a part of a disguise. She was given a cover story and sent to assassinate Prince Baern, she never got close. The prince was to clever to let her near, and the first attempt was easily fought off, she fled leaving 5 dead orcs. Her master was enraged with the failure.

She is actually 25 years old and comes from Combe in the Bree land. Her mother raised her for a while, but eventually she fell under the sway of unsavory sorts and found her way to Isengard.

Shallon Skunkwood was born in 2925 T.A. to Heather Skunkwood at the Skunkwood farm in the northern Chetwood. Her father was Elrothain of the dunedain, a drunken coward who often shirked his patrols to go womanizing in the breeland, despite having a wife and son at home. As young Shallon grew up around the notoriously vulgar Skunkwoods she learned alot of bad habits and ill manners. By her 15th birthday her mother took her to the Comb and Wattle Inn to replace her as tavern wench, claiming that she was too worn out to continue.

The Honeymeades who owned and operated the tavern took pity on the girl and let her work there. She proved to be her mothers child in manner and temperment and by 2941 T.A. had given birth to a bastard daughter named Therise, who’s likeliest father was one Waldo Ferny, the scoundrel was known for being a petty thief and pickpocket from the ill favored Ferny’s. Seeking to avoid scandal the Ferny’s took the baby in and forbid Shallon from ever speaking of it. Her grandfather was enraged and had her beaten, but also demanded a greater share of her earnings at the inn.

In 2942 T.A. a great “hero” of the people Bracken “the bold” Sagewine of Archet rose up and claimed credit for driving off a great bear from the southern Chetwood, and thus saving the loggers at the logging camp. He was viewed as somewhat of a local hero and treated his hunting companions to a night of debauchery at the Comb and Wattle, much to the disgust of the Honeymeades. 9 months later Shallon gave birth to his bastard daughter Hannah. Mortified that he had made a bastard with a lowlife Skunkwood and also fearing his wife would find out, Bracken the bold hatched a scheme connected to his patron.

His patron was a twisted goblin man in the service of Isengard. The two of them realized that Saruman was seeking a dunedain to use as his agent in Angmar, without alerting either Gandalf or any of the rangers. Bracken had heard the rumor of Shallon’s father being a ranger. They cornered the young woman and Bracken convinced her through a combination of charm and threats to give up the baby to his care ( he would tell his wife that the girl was the daughter of his friend Aldus Goatleaf and “that skunkwood girl”) and for her to go with the goblin man to Isengard. Once there she would enter the service of a great wizard and make a name for herself that did not include the word “whore”.

Shallon jumped at the chance, though was convinced she would see her child again. She travelled to Isengard with the agent and upon arriving met her first dissapointment when Saruman pointed out that she had blonde hair, not the traditional black of the dunedain. (The phrase “mongrel” was used a lot in her presence, but she was sure they must be talking about a dog, after all the skunkwoods know their hounds) That was to be overcome through the wiles of the wizard, though she was otherwise unsuitable there was much raw material to use and so he put her to good use, training as hard as possible and making her a ring that he said would aid her mission.

Her mission was fraught with peril and it was to infiltrate the ancient fortress of Carn Dum and pledge her service to the evil Dunedain Agandaur. Agandaur was a favored servant to the Witch King of Angmar and a growing menace in the north. To assist this Saruman took from the long dead witch Charlothain of the Herubar Gular in Rhudaur. Shallon would take on her name and mannerisms. Saruman had coached her in manner and his spells drew the memories of the ancient sorceress, it was incomplete but the ring he gave her allowed him to influence and remind her.

By 2944 T.A. all was ready and she managed to convince Agandaur that she really was the evil old witch and was taken into his confidence. Then the plan went awry. Her memories started to get jumbled and Shallon began to believe entirely that she was Charlothain. Later she was sent with a warband of hillmen, orcs, and 2 other fallen Dunedain to slay the King of the North before he could regain his kingdom. It did not go well. The king and his Household guards easily overpowered the force arrayed against him, and left the enemy broken and bloodied, with the king personally slaying 2 of the 3 Fallen. Charlotte was spared merely because she was a woman and kings do not stoop so low. He did warn her he would kill her if they met again. She fled broken and bleeding away as fast as her legs could carry her. Her mind at this time nearly fully broken. As she escaped south with a few hillmen stragglers, she ran afoul of a tall archer and the Prince.

The archer “mistook” her armoured form for an orc and shot her with an arrow, piercing a lung and dropping her into the river, the shot was intentionally not a killshot, making her the only thing at the time to have ever been shot by Reg and not die. The hillmen stood and fought, they died beneath the princes axe. With her head swimming, she felt strong arms pull her out of the river and heard a loud booming voice “Its not an orc, Reg! You owe me the first round!” when she recovered she saw a younger more terrifying image of the king who slaughtered her host.

Terrified she begged for mercy and the prince to take her into his service, promising to take him to where his family heirloom was hidden, carefully not revealing “her part” in the fall of the north kingdom, she personally took the great axe “Gram” to the fortress of Herubar Gular in Rhudaur and kept it there at the command of Agandaur. The Prince agreed and took the fallen Dunedain into his service on the condition that she make amends for her evil ways and redeem herself, promising a royal pardon when the kingdom is restored IF she proved to be good. Prince Baern is starting to figure something is not quite right. His first suspicion was when Charlotte had a run in with the same goblin man who took her to Isengard at Woodland Hall. She did not recognize the creature, but it certainly knew her and was angered at her loss of the ring.

At the end of 2496 she married Wat Fisherbrook of Laketown, they have one child, a baby daughter named Kymberli Fisherbrook. She has been a loyal companion to Hvaldi, Regelram, and Joller for the last few years.

Charlothain "Charlotte" Fisherbrook

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