Bram Brewmaster

Dwarf of Erebor


Born of the family of Brewmasters, Bram grew up deep within the Iron Hills. The Brewmaster’s have been making their famous elixir’s of hops and barley and have please many-a-dwarf’s for generations; some have claimed that the Brewmaster’s had the best in the kingdom. How long they have been brewing is lost within the constraints of time and lore.

Even although Bram learned the craft and had been helping the family since he was big enough to walk, he was never satisfied with brewing. He learned the ways of the warrior at the discretion of his father and left the Iron Hills, home, and his family to journey out and see the world. He told his father, promised, give his word, he would return one day once he satisfied his inkling of adventure; that he would take up the time honored tradition of his families trade.

Bram Brewmaster

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