Echoes of the North

An account of Adventuring with Jollar

I never would have dreamed that I would actually leave the Shire, but I didn’t feel happy there. Sure, nothing would harm me, and if I did, I would mostly only get a scrape on my knee. I had all the amenities of home. I left. I never regretted it. I have never had this much fun, and I have never met this many people before.

p. I got as far as Bree before stopping at an inn called the Prancing Pony. There I met some strange tall folk called humans. They look like us hobbits, but bigger, mostly skinny folk who wear padding on their feet called shoes. That was the moment that I realized that they don’t have a natural callous on the bottom of their feet. p. I was looking for odd jobs and I did find some, like clear my flowerbed of all the bugs, or get me 4 boar haunches. While this was fun, it wasn’t adventure. I looked around and found a man in the corner. I have seen that face on some of the others in Bree before. This was the face of defeat, of loss, of anger, betrayal, and most of all, honor. He looked at me and told me to move away. I pressed him on why, and I didn’t care. I was going to get my adventure if it killed me. After 4 hours of getting drunk, me not taking a sip for I needed to remember what he said, and because I can’t drink but a sip of their drinks for they are way bigger than Shire drink sizes. I finally got him to crack. He was Baern, a man from the North needing help with getting his kingdom back. I helped him back to his room, got my armour and shortsword, a longsword in the eyes of a hobbit, and we headed out in the morning. Along the way, we met 2 others, a dwarf named Hvaldi, who came from a place far to the east, called the Lonely Mountain. I didnt’ know it then,but we would be traveling to the Lonely Mountain and to lands much farther from the Shire than that. Regelram (Reg for short), was far from home as he came from a forest called Mirkwood. He lived in the south, were the majority of the evil creatures didn’t live.He owns a big dog, that follows him to the ends of the earth. p. We set out and for the next two years, help Baern to reclaim his kingdom. After so long, we did. He was set off to rebuild the kingdom, and then so, we left in sorrow. I can barely remember what happened as it was so long ago. p. What I remember next is something really well. Reg, who after helping Baern, now need our help. We were to travel to a place called Sad Marangol. p. Along the way, we found 3 more to help in our quest. Regilarean, a female elven swordsman with more will to fight and courage than most, and Charlothain “Charlotte”, a dunedain who remembers two lives. Juniper Ashentree. p. We got to Sad Marangol. This is an old castle that has fallen both to evil and to time. The spires from a distance bellow to travelers to stay away. The eerie forest below trap adventurers, who mostly never come out. The castle is massive, at least for my size, and there are tons of hallways and corridors, where anything could be hiding. There is a large underground complex that of which holds much evil in the mountain that it is on. This place opens up once every 4 years.

Reg’s wife was stuck in Sad Marangol for the last 4 years. There was a large amount of people and creatures that blocked our path. This group was mostly consisted of 20 orks. We killed most of the orks, as well as the spider that the group had with the, after the fight, we waited for a while and then entered Sad Marangol. We walked in and the party was attacked by what my compatriots call wights. We defeated the wights, and had to recuperate. We pushed forth, deeper into Sad Marangol, no lolly-gagging for we only had a few days in this place before we were to be completely locked in for 4 years. We went forth until we ran into an underground lake. That place was fouled by a large fish like creature and the majority of the fish around it were tainted as well. After a large fight, and a lot of splashing around in the water, the beast was slain and allowed to rest in the water, even though the water will have become more tainted, there was little we could actually do, for Reg’s wife was still awaiting us. We continue forth before we got to a large main chamber. The chamber was big, at least for me. Evil was permeating the room. On the top of some ruins. The Moraval, what you can almost call a vampiric creature, emanating evil.

A huge fight ensued, with wights, spirits that haven’t quite passed on and that have been corrupted by some force that I cant yet come to comprehend. The wights were killed, and the beast slain, but we were not without our casualties. We were beaten up, scratched, scrapped, and tossed around. Our good friend, Khattab, was slain by the beast and we morned is lost. Not only as a fellow adventurer, not only as the one that tried to help kill the beast. But as a friend.

p. Full of sorrow, Hvaldi placed on stone a message of Khattab being slain, and we focused on Reg’s wife. She is encased in a clear, diamond like stone. We release her and we find something even more shocking. She was pregnant when she was taken. There was a child next to her, he being a 4 year old. We could not focus on much more, for we didn’t have a lot of time left before Sad Marangol was closed for another 4 years. p. We back track and go off for a time. Reg gets reacquainted with his wife, and beings to learn more and more about his kid. Hvaldi goes back to the grey mountains to be with some family for a time, though this is all he told me. I, on the while, decided to go back to the shire. Over the next few years, I met my wife, Laura Took, and founded my inn. That took 2 years, and while I was caring for my newly formed family, I was doing research of an old story told of my family for countless generations.

There are two greenhands, the gardeners and the cooks. I come from the cooks. A gem has been passed through the generations, the story is that a Greenhand from the second age went out adventuring and found some ruins with his party. After aboiut 1 month, that Greenhand was the only one left. When he returned the the Shire, it was noticed that he had a bit of a Greenhand about him, a gem of sorts.

p. While I doubt that any sort of gem ever would shine like that, I was given from my Uncle, who passed in the three years, the gem, with a definite shine that of which is like nothing I have ever seen before. But before I could do any more research on the gem, Hvaldi called us back to laketown. I decided to take my family, Laura, my son Ferdinand and my daughter Miliot, along with me. Had I known that I would be out for another adventure, I would have left them in the Shire.

Hvaldi told us of what occurred. He was travelling in the mountains and was attacked by some orcs. He fended them off but apparently there has been some unnatural uneasiness beyond the shire. I was thankful I never had to feel that. He continued to say that a dwarf was taken and that we needed to get him back. He had a gem that was of great importance. Just for a shortened recollection, it took a few weeks but we finally got to find where he was and found a slave town. In this town the spices were completely different than anything I have ever heard of or tried for that matter. The language is guttural, full of phlegm. In the center of town, there was a slave pit that had a mannor of slaves. A man that we met, by the name of , showed us where to go. He was a very interesting man has he knew how to get around the town. We met him met him outside the town, when he was in the ownership of some slavers. After a fight, we released him and the other 4 slaves.

We killed the majority of the people there, but did not kill 2 of them. An elf we met along the way to the town helped us as well, her name is Regilarean. We declared that he was not in the pits, but was in fact in the prison. We formulated ways of getting into the prison. Reg gave me a command to get his dog to run and to get the attention of the guards. I got on the dog and did just that but he was really fast and I was screaming almost at the top of my lungs as I was flung around, the guards though this amusing at first until I hit them with my sword a few times and as the dog rushed up towards them.

The majority of the guards were busy trying to get me, even though the dog was running really fast, which gave Reg all the chances in the world to get the Dwarf out of prison. We rush out of town and get the dwarf back to his home. From there we find that all of his belongings were sold to a woman in a city far from where we are. We took a ride on a large flat-bottomed boat to try to get to the city. Along the way, we were not allowed to walk around the ship and we found that this ship was hauling a lot of war supplies,most of which have a black shield on the side white a white tree. Later on, we were attacked by some locals, and we killed the majority of them. A young 15-ish year old girl was left. We didn’t feel right if we were to leave her for the wolves soe we kept her with us and nursed her back to health. We got out into open waters, some sort of a huge saltwater body of water. We got to an island, not the city we were looking for.

p. On this island, there were some strange boats holding everything up. We sink one then go forth and we sneak into the harbor, where we meet some people that of which have the same symbol of the white tree. It was here that I learned of another part of Middle Earth that I never new about. A place called Gondor. p. We helped to defend the armour and we killed the majority of the invaders and the captain of the invasion of the island, said he would give us safe passage to the city we were to go to. I hope that we can get to the city and get the gem without any trouble. These people love slaves and I can’t but barely see a hobbit as a slave. Perhaps I can get more spices though…


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